Here is the process that we follow in order to turn your event into a great success:

We create a plan. Before we get started, we get familiar with your vision for the event. You tell us what kind of atmosphere you need- we figure out how to make it happen.

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We offer guidance. If we think a special effect might not be so effective, we speak up. If you need a way to improve the flow of a meeting, we've got an idea. when you need advice, we're there. Think of us as the Dear Abby of events.

We keep an eye on the bottom line. No surprises, no padded costs. we're honest about fees and respectful of your budget.

We get the right technology. Since we don't own a warehouse of equipment, you aren't limited to the systems we stock. instead we find the solutions that work best for your specific situation, period.

We work with the best - we've got national and global partners who know production as well as we do and they're ready to lend a hand. so whether your meeting is in Maine or Madrid, we're there with our extended team.

We bring the expertise. At Maestro, we know our way around a sound board, and a projection system, and video editing software. In other words, our show-stopping skills keep your show running.