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A Full Service Audiovisual Company

MaestroProductions is an award winning, live event producer. Utilizing audio, video, lighting and LED technology to produce extraordinary events.

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Why work with Maestro

At Maestro, we're event people. That means we're invested in making your function, conference, or performance a success, start to finish: for you, for your organization and for everyone who attends. Our team has decades of experience in audio-visual technology - including LED technology, projection, set and presentation design, video editing and project management. We are based in North Carolina but we travel the world to produce extraordinary events.

Things We Do...

MaestroProductions is your complete Audiovisual provider from large corporate events to intimate meetings. MaestroProductions produces Sales and POA meetings, Advisory Board meetings, Board of Trustee meetings, and any other meeting you can plan. Utilizing technology and unbeatable service, Maestro is committed to making your next event safe, smooth, and productive.

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Latest Maestro News and Updates

With the onset of Covid-19, we were forced to get creative with our time. We recently finished a complete update and retrofit of our warehouse. This was needed to make room for our NEW Outdoor LED wall. This technology, along with our Indoor LED wall, will allow for stunning presentations in any environment.

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Client Reviews

  • Deborah Karpowicz, Meeting Planner

    “Having traveled the country with Maestro Productions for numerous clients at various hotels and resorts, I can say without a doubt that they are a PHENOMENAL audio-visual company. For almost a decade, I have witnessed the impeccable service that the Maestro team provides to their clients! Maestro has superlative knowledge about the latest technology and the most innovative and dedicated personnel. I highly recommend them for your next important event!”

    Jerry Salek, Meeting Planner

    "Maestro Productions always provide excellent Service. The quality of the sound and lighting are aways perfect and the process from first meeting, through estimates, setup, the event, and tear down is a pleasure. One of the things I like best and which distinguishes them from all the others is how they draw so little attention to themselves. Most tech companies have all this bulky equipment. Maestro Productions sets up inconspicuously in an out of the way place and then there's Russ just sitting somewhere controlling everything from his laptop - incognito!”

    Wendy Acevedo Kilroy, Retired Executive from Hospitality Industry

    I have been privileged to work with Maestro Productions in my 28 year career in meeting, event and travel operations. On every project, I was always the lead decision maker for the company on vendor/partner relations. As a partner on global and domestic projects serving a range of 10 medical advisors to 5000 electrical engineers, Maestro leaned into every opportunity with a clear desire to innovate and serve in a way to exceed expectations.

    Budget didn't inhibit their ability to wow! We worked on projects with a creative budget of $4000 to $6 million. Each time, Maestro helped us meet the customers vision well within their financial abilities.

    Regardless of any challenge thrown at us by Fortune 100 company executives, Maestro was all in!

    Don't give it a second thought, choose Maestro!

    Bill Dewey, Corporate Trainer

    "Throughout my tenure with Indivior Pharmaceuticals I had the pleasure to work with Maestro Productions and their amazing staff as we planned and executed global sales and R&D conferences at luxurious properties domestically and internationally throughout the world. In the U.S. Maestro provided support in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Dana Point, Las Vegas, Maui, Orlando, Phoenix, and Washington. International locations included: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cancun, Rome, and Toronto.

Contact Information

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